What to do when you lose your unprejudiced view?

What do you do when you notice you lose an unprejudiced view on things? You challenge yourself. That’s what  Robin de Puy thought:
“I started in photography convinced that it was something that was ‘mine’, something that nobody else had anything to do with. Once I had discovered that photography was the only way I could make my curiosity and anxiety coexist it became a vessel, a means of transferring focus from me to the other person. Literally and metaphorically. At the same time it gave me a voice; I could decide who was worthy of being seen. 

The unprejudiced eye I used to have is fading. And that is a waste. It is a challenge to keep an unprejudiced view while the expectations of others (and myself) keep growing. A challenge that I never saw coming, but one that is interesting nonetheless. Because how do I get back to the core? I decided to do it this way: in May and June of 2015 I will ride 10.000km through America on a Harley Davidson to shoot portraits of those who I think need to be seen, without someone interfering. A tour of the US to trigger my eye again.“

The road trip will most probably be documented by filmmaker Simone de Vries (known for her documentaries on Erik Kessels and Rutger Hauer).
Portrait: Elise, NYC, (c) Robin de Puy

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Reuben Alexander