Countdown to singularity

Bas van de Poel is back with another personal project.  It’s about singularity. And I love it.
Van der Poel asked different artists (Mirko Bosche, Timo Lenzen, Julien Simhäuser, Marti Romances, Golgotha, Justin Blynth, Michael Willis) about their vision on singularity.
The artwork above is by Timo Lenzen. His explanation:

“There’s a 50-50 chance that a machine will replace you. Already today, machines threaten one out of three jobs thus far held by humans. 
Robots taking over our jobs will inevitably lead to an even wider gap between the rich and the poor, political strife and civil war” 
You can also sign a petition on the website to prevent AI becoming our final invention..

Alternative Text
Reuben Alexander